JULY 31ST 2017

We literally sold out in 3 minutes this year. Looks forward to seeing you all at the end of the month! A good time will be had. #ocrcarmy


Sign-ups for the 10th annual Pro-Line Surf City Classic are fast approaching!

Sign-ups open on August 1st at Hi-Noon right here or in the store. Don't miss out on the most bitchen r/c race of the year!


JUNE 1ST 2017

July 4th!

Happy 4th of July Weekend racers! OCRC will be open on July 4th at Noon and we will be closing at 7PM so everyone can blow stuff up, er, enjoy safe and sane fireworks that is :)


JUNE 1ST 2017

Track Change!

Track change coming up Sunday June 11th 2017 so we will be closed for racing. Hope you enjoyed the 2017 Stock Nats masterpiece.

We will create you another doozy of a racetrack and she will be open for practice on Monday June 12th!

APRIL 3RD 2017


MARCH 2ND 2017

We got some real CHANGE you can believe in! Nick and the crew will be busy sculpting a new masterpiece this Sunday March 5th so sadly, there will be no racing. But roll out on Monday and burn some packs with us and experience real change for a change.


Are you ready? The Stock Nats are fast approaching! The dates have been set for April 29th - 30th 2017! Sign ups will open right here on April 3rd! Stay tuned for more updates on one of our biggest events of the year. #roadtostocknats


Due to the TNS Series race this Saturday at OCRC our normal practice Saturday will not be happening. Sorry Practice Pros but come out Friday not for fill em up Fridays or Sunday come race with us.

TNS Racers, gates open at 7 am. We'll see you at the track!


Due to the Reedy race our OCRC Rental program will be closed until the 26th of January. Please feel free to call the track to reserve your reservations for after that date!


Saturday 1/14:
Open 11am practice till 6:45
Race into Reedy at 7pm



Open 12pm - 11pm practice all day
No Reedy Race drivers allowed on the track

• Check-in from 3:00pm - 7:00pm at OCRC Raceway.
• OCRC practice for any non-invitational drivers 3:00-8:00pm. OCRC practice fee required.
• Pit areas may only be set up if a driver is practicing or is an Invitational driver.
• Control tires and foam distributed after 8pm.

• Doors open at 7:30. Controlled practice by heats begin at 9:00.
• Open: 1 round of "Free Practice"; 2 rounds of "Controlled Practice" used for the seeding of qualifying heats. Qualifiers sorted by adding the fastest three consecutive laps in either controlled round. No re-sort will be done.
• Invitational: 3 rounds of "Free Practice" for each class.

• "Free Practice" for Open class drivers from 7:30-8:45. Racing begins at 9:00.
• Open: 3 rounds of IFMAR qualifying. 5-minute qualifiers.
• Invitational: 4 rounds of 4WD buggy. 5-minute heats.

• "Free Practice" for Open class drivers from 7:30-8:45. Racing begins at 9:00.
• Open: 1 round of IFMAR qualifying. Lower main events. 10-minute mains. 2 bump-ups.
• Invitational: 2 rounds of 4WD Buggy and 2 rounds of 2WD Buggy. 5-minute heats.

• "Free Practice" for Open class drivers from 7:30-8:45. Racing begins at 9:00.
• Open: Remaining main events. 10-minute mains. 2 bump-ups.
• Invitational: 4 rounds of 2WD buggy. 5-minute heats.


OCRC Holiday Brawl FOOD DRIVE is happening! Bring your canned foods to the track to help those less fortunate. Now thru New Years! Can't make it to the track, all good - Click to DONATE!


Oh it's on this Wednesday night at OCRC! The Barney Mike vs. Nick Black Stock Buggy Showdown! Click to Vote!

AUGUST 29TH 2016

OCRC would like to thank everybody who made the race this year! Many of you traveled far and sacrificed time from family and work to hang out with us for 3-4 days and we truly appreciate it!

It seems like only yesterday we had the 1st Surf City race, 9 years later I feel blessed that it has become one of the most popular races in the US to attend.

I would also like to thank all the sponsors for helping out and being involved in this event as well you guys are awesome!

Jake for his incredible job of keeping the shop fully stocked with all the latest and greatest (and prepping my cars), Daniel and Rich for working in the shop 12 hrs a day for 3 days straight, Nick for his Race management and antics behind the mic and building a pretty sick layout! Ryan, Jared, Spencer, Dustin, Steven, Dakota and Ash for putting on a clinic in the mod classes to watch! And the list goes on and on....

Very special thanks to Pro-Line for their continued support of this event and all they do for this industry! I apologize if I left anyone out but once again.... From OCRC to everybody...



AUGUST 21ST 2016

OCRC will be closed today and tomorrow for the 2016 Pro-Line Surf City Classic track build! Come on out Tuesday and get ready for the race of the year. #roadtostocknats


Sign-ups for the 2016 Pro-Line Surf City Classic are officially Closed! Check with us next Monday for class rounding... Sold out in 26 minutes!! New track record.