Off-Road R/C Racing


Saturday 1/14:
Open 11am practice till 6:45
Race into Reedy at 7pm



Open 12pm - 11pm practice all day
No Reedy Race drivers allowed on the track

• Check-in from 3:00pm - 7:00pm at OCRC Raceway.
• OCRC practice for any non-invitational drivers 3:00-8:00pm. OCRC practice fee required.
• Pit areas may only be set up if a driver is practicing or is an Invitational driver.
• Control tires and foam distributed after 8pm.

• Doors open at 7:30. Controlled practice by heats begin at 9:00.
• Open: 1 round of "Free Practice"; 2 rounds of "Controlled Practice" used for the seeding of qualifying heats. Qualifiers sorted by adding the fastest three consecutive laps in either controlled round. No re-sort will be done.
• Invitational: 3 rounds of "Free Practice" for each class.

• "Free Practice" for Open class drivers from 7:30-8:45. Racing begins at 9:00.
• Open: 3 rounds of IFMAR qualifying. 5-minute qualifiers.
• Invitational: 4 rounds of 4WD buggy. 5-minute heats.

• "Free Practice" for Open class drivers from 7:30-8:45. Racing begins at 9:00.
• Open: 1 round of IFMAR qualifying. Lower main events. 10-minute mains. 2 bump-ups.
• Invitational: 2 rounds of 4WD Buggy and 2 rounds of 2WD Buggy. 5-minute heats.

• "Free Practice" for Open class drivers from 7:30-8:45. Racing begins at 9:00.
• Open: Remaining main events. 10-minute mains. 2 bump-ups.
• Invitational: 4 rounds of 2WD buggy. 5-minute heats.



With three years of hosting the Reedy Race under its belt, OCRC continues to be the “Home of the Reedy Race” and the event is more popular than ever. With over 500 lottery entrants last year, the response was overwhelming. Racers from around the world descended on the popular Southern California track just to be a part of the atmosphere, even if they weren’t participating.

In the Invitational Class, Ryan Maifield took a very popular win while Aussie Kyle McBride won the 4WD Open class and OCRC local, Kevin Motter, got the win in 2WD Open. All three racers will be back to compete in the Invitational class to become the 22nd name etched on the Mike Reedy Heritage Trophy.

Entries for the 2016 Reedy International Off-Road Race of Champions open at noon, PST on September 1, 2015 exclusively on and close October 18, 2015 at midnight, PST. As in previous years, the event features its traditional 2WD Open and 4WD Open classes and the combined 2WD/4WD Invitational format.

With a majority of the major championships completed for 2015, the current list of qualified Invitational drivers can be found at IFMAR Worlds finalists will be added at the completion of that event to round out the qualified Invitational drivers.

Stay tuned to for more information and event updates. Inquiries regarding the event should be directed to